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heart bullet What People are Saying

"Terry was a dynamic speaker! She was fully knowledgeable on the course subject, kept the audiences attention, and there was NEVER a dull moment during her presentation."

Melissa Baker
Georgia Tech

"Miss Terry is excellent! Everything was on point. She's the best. I would send anyone to her - she's that good."

Linda Golphin
Keebler Company

"My company didn't pay for this seminar, I did. And I traded a day off to be able to attend and it was well worth the time and money."

Sally Smith
American Yacht, Narisure Marina

"Terry was fabulous!"

Jan Mesa
Collections Supervisor The Heart Group

"Extremely motivating and encouraging. Shall take away a lot of useful ideas to implement and more."

Olivia S. Jollema
Chames Workshop Group, PCC, Nottingham, U.K.

"The wide organization and content was very constructive - lots of useful tips I could take away and actually implement into my work schedule. Programme leader Terry was just brilliant - full of enthusiasm and energy."

Nusiat Aziz
Oldham College Manchester, United Kingdom

"Terry is brilliant and very sure of herself. This class really revitalized me as a supervisor."

Vonda Floyd

"Terry was so right on with problems and solutions. Very upbeat and delightful."

Tammy Edison
Aircond Corporation

"Terry did an outstanding job! Very informative & kept my attention- we had great group participation also!"

Linda Waldo
Borland-Groover, Inc.

"Terry brings the leadership quality you want to obtain."

Patricia Langlais
Mercy Hospital

"Terry was a captivating speaker. I was able to jot down specific reactions to scenarios that I anticipate. Her understanding and humor made an interesting seminar speed by!"

Lorraine Brooker
Service Management Systems

"Terry is an excellent speaker! She held my attention the entire time. I have been to other seminars in the past and this one has been the most useful by far!"

Augusta Jarvis
Capital One

"This seminar helped me to overcome the obstacles on my career path and with employees that are not collaborative. I will recommend this to everyone."

Marlene Hubbard
Skal Shot & Clark

"What a pleasure to meet you and work with you. You made me look like a hero! All the members are still calling to thank me for a good breakfast program and wanting to know where I found you!"

Laverne Roth
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce


communication, etiquette, consulting, training, speaking, coaching


Communicating from the Heart
Workshop Titles by Topic


heart bullet "We Have Two Ears and One Mouth!"

Our anatomy has been optimally designed for excellent communication. The question is, do we use it properly? We should listen at least twice as much as we speak! Listening is a fundamental key to becoming an outstanding communicator. This workshop addresses your listening skills and teaches you heart-centered techniques to improve them.


heart bullet "Pushing The People Buttons"

Every individual can be motivated to perform if we are able to listen and determine what makes them tick. Then, and only then, can we influence them to go in the direction they need to go, resulting in productivity or more appropriate behavior. This workshop addresses how to go about motivating people at work, at home, in everyday life!


heart bullet "Difficult or Different?"

An organization is only as good as the people in it. Anytime we have groups of people who need to work together, conflict arises. It may not be that people are difficult, they are just different. They have different personality styles and need to capitalize on their strengths in a work environment. This workshop shows how to use personality styles to enhance productivity on a team, in a healthcare environment, or in a school system. You will discover who you are and learn how to adapt to styles different from your own.


heart bullet "The APPLE Principles: Confronting Conflict With Control and Diplomacy"

Leaders in the education environment are faced with conflict daily. Whether you are a principal, or a teacher, you are challenged with the interaction of parents and students from many cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. How you handle these conflicts will determine whether or not the individuals in your schools grow and develop to their greatest potential. This workshop teaches you to stay in control when conflict arises and communicate diplomatically for resolution. You will learn 25 heart-centered techniques and/or strategies to accomplish this.


heart bullet "Why Do It When You Can Delegate It?"

There are only 24 hours in a day and that's it! Most of us spend a tremendous amount of time at work. Whether we are managers, employees, spouses, or children, we need to share the responsibilities of tasks because we can't do it all! This workshop teaches you how to delegate and makes you aware of the obstacles that get in your way. You will create a plan to delegate more going forward!


heart bullet "Life Is One Big Negotiation"

Whether in an organization or a personal relationship, you always need to compromise on some level. This requires understanding how to negotiate to get what you want in a way that everyone wins. This workshop teaches you how to negotiate using the premise that "No = Not Yet!" Role plays are used to help you practice the process so you can implement it in your life.


heart bullet "Overcoming the Tech Effect"

Computers dominate nearly every aspect of our existence today. They continue to give us tools to be more productive, and time efficient. We now can communicate to someone across the world by email in seconds. It is amazing and yet at the same time, if we aren't careful, it can cause a lot of problems due to miscommunication and poor etiquette. Too many of us don't take the time to consider how our message will be received. We are so busy, we blast out quick emails and voicemails that we can't take back. This workshop examines the impact of technology on communication and shows you how to overcome the "tech effect" to improve your relationships.


heart bullet "Attack Your Fears To Conquer Limitations"

We are all our own worst enemies and yet we are the only people who will never leave us! Think about it! We hold ourselves back from becoming, accomplishing, or taking risks because of our fears. This workshop helps you and your people examine what fears are limiting you from your greatest potential. You will learn how to face these fears and put an action plan in place to overcome them, and conquer your limitations.

heart bullet "Coping with Endings and Beginning Again"

When a loving relationship ends, the pain can be devastating. A broken heart needs to heal. You need to feel the pain and work through it. This workshop takes you through a tested process to help you heal. It will encourage you to let go and inspire you to move on to a healthy and loving relationship in the future.


heart bullet "All About Healthy Choices"

We communicate most effectively when our mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all in alignment. This workshop focuses on strengthening your physical health by cultivating your own organic vegetables to create a more alkaline versus acidic body composition. You will learn "hands-on" how to grow your own organic wheatgrass and sprouts from home and how to consume or juice each of them for better physical health.

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